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Homeowner Application Form

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Application Guidelines - How To Apply to Become A Homeowner

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a form of steady income. Unacceptable Income includes unemployment benefits, and any other form of temporary income.  SNAP income, permanent child support, SSI, and other forms of assistance are considered.
  • You must be within the income guidelines listed in the chart below. (Titled: INCOME GUIDELINES)
  • You, the applicant(s), must be willing and able to partner with Habitat for Humanity Cape Girardeau and perform up to 350 hours of sweat equity (250 if single head of household) as well as attend ALL classes and workshops scheduled before, during, and after home-ownership has been achieved.
  • Bankruptcy must have a three-five year discharge time limit with sufficient credit history after discharge (this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).
The Application Process

Our application process has many areas of focus:

  • Credit history
  • Employment history
  • Landlord/rental history
  • Criminal background check (every household member over 18 years of age)
  • Current household expenses
  • Willingness to partner
  • Ability to maintain 25 year mortgage

If you meet all of the above qualifications and have a successful home visit, you will be asked to execute a partnership agreement with Habitat for Humanity - Cape Area.

Your application and documents will be reviewed for approval by the Family Selection Committee and the Board of Directors. You will need to submit the following documents (copies) with your Official Application:

  • Copy of official birth certificates for all family members
  • Copy of social security cards for all family members as well as statements if receiving social security benefits (print-outs are acceptable until official card[s] are received)
  • Copy of state issues driver's license or state issued identification for family members age 18 years or older
  • Copy of court ordered child support and a 12 month print-out of payments received or made
  • Copy of check stubs from the last three (3) pay periods for all family members who are employed and are age 18 years or older
  • Award letters for any funds received for SSI, Disability, etc. for any family member
  • Copy of most recent checking and/or savings account bank statements - 2 months
  • Letter verifying current employment status (date of hire, rate of pay, pay schedule, position/title, and contact name and phone number for verification)
  • Copy W2s and tax information with all schedules (Federal and State filings)
  • TANF statements if any is received
  • Alimony proof if any is received

If your application is approved by the Board of Directors and a partnership agreement executed, then the family is required to do complete half of the sweat equity hours before a home build can be started. These hours can include working on other Habitat builds or in the Habitat Restore. Other household members and their friends (up to 40% of the required hours) can help work these hours as well.

Questions and Answers
  • I am self-employed. How would I verify my income?
    You must use your income tax return from the past two or three years as proof.
  • What type of credit rating is acceptable for your program?
    Credit scores are generally in the 500 and 600 ranges, below typical bank qualifying levels, but bankruptcy judgments and delinquencies must be cleared and proof of resolution provided.
  • Once I am qualified for the program and notified of my qualification, how long do I have to complete my pre-build sweat hours?
    You have up to 12 months to complete your pre-build sweat hours.
  • Do I have the choice of selecting where I would like to have my house built?
    You will have a limited set of choices among existing Habitat owned lots.

Income Guidelines

Family Size Min. Income Max. Income
1 $15,000 $33,768.00
2 $15,000 $38,592.00
3 $15,000 $43,416.00
4 $15,000 $48,240.00
5 $15,000 $52,099.00
6 $15,000 $55,958.00
7 $15,000 $59,817.00
8 $15,000 $63,677.00

Note: User gross income to determine total family income. (Gross income is your income before taxes have been taken out.)

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