The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a place for new and gently used items to see a new life. We take pride in our motto: Reduce, Reuse, and ReStore.

  • First we Reduce, by saving items from the landfills and help to Reduce our carbon footprint here on earth.
  • Next we Reuse, by taking items that have been donated and selling those items to be Reused by someone else.
  • Finally, we ReStore by enabling customers to take slightly damaged or mistreated items and ReStore them to something totally new and fresh.

Check out our wide variety of household needs: We have everything from light bulbs and gardening supplies, to office furniture and kitchen cabinets or appliances!


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Browse, Shop and Save!

Our mission at the ReStore is to help communities by taking donated items and reselling those items to support our Habitat for Humanity in building affordable housing for families.

Office Address:
Store Entrance:
Office Phone:

2365 Rust Avenue Cape Girardeau, MO  63703
Commercial Street

Office Hours
Mon - Fri  9am - 4pm 
ReStore Hours of Operation
Thursday  9am - 5pm
 Friday 9am - 5pm
 Saturday 10am - 2pm
Donation Drop Off's/Purchase Pick ups
Tues - Sat  9am - 2pm 
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